Partnering to Deliver Development Support Services in India

UNDP’s Development Support Services aim to help improve the administrative efficiency and effectiveness of government operations and schemes at the central and state level.

UNDP’s Country Programme Action Plan (2013-2017) signed with the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance enables UNDP to support administrative efficiency and develop capacities of government agencies, by providing demand-based development support services, including procurement support services, with requisite professional skills, personnel and technical resources, with applicable UNDP’s standard management fee.

Development Support Services offered by UNDP can be bilateral support services to the government using governments’ own funds at either central or state level and/or multilateral support services to the government using donor funds.

Development Support Services include:

  • Procurement of healthcare systems; technical services; emergency response systems; international certification; and information technology systems.
  • Human Resource Management for skill and youth development; institutional capacity development; leadership development; organizational change
  • Financial Resource Management and Planning for financial systems; resource planning and implementation; risk assessments
  • General Administration Services  for conference, workshops and knowledge exchanges; communications and outreach
  • Technical Assistance for urban planning; rural development; energy conversation; disaster risk reduction
  • Programme design and delivery including needs assessments; programme design and development; work planning and implementation; monitoring and evaluation; and course correction. 

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