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A Tribute to Volunteerism UNV Volunteers Celebrate International Volunteer Day

Mar 2, 2012

December 5 every year is dedicated to volunteerism and its contributions to communities and to development. Volunteerism is recognized as a powerful resource to engage people in the pursuit of peace and development. In India, UNV observed this day with the re-launch of the new UNV HQ online volunteerism website, an exhibition in Delhi, and a volunteer fair in Orissa.

Women artisans, associated with the NGO Kala Raksha, from Kutch in Gujarat exhibited their art in Delhi. The Delhi-based UNV volunteers met the women artisans to better understand their lives and livelihoods. These women who come from marginalized backgrounds shared their concerns about water related issues and gender dimension of water management. Scarcity of water dominates the lives of these women from Kutch.

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