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Samsung & UNDP Update Global Goals App for India

Users can learn more about SDGs and donate to projects around Global Globals  

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Why career guidance and counselling are essential in a world recovering from COVID-19  

UNDP India Policy Unit

Feral dogs a threat to wildlife in Sikkim

Free-roaming canines in Sikkim’s Tso Lhamo plateau are putting conservation efforts in the region in peril.  

Gig economy to boost employment of Indian women in the formal sector

Alternative work arrangements in the gig economy have the potential to absorb more women and increase their participation in the workforce with some amount of reskilling, according to a new study by…  

Green Jobs and Eco-Entrepreneurship opportunities for women in India

study on the green jobs and eco-entrepreneurship opportunities for women in India, across five major sectors: Renewable Energy, Green Transport, Green Construction, Water Management and Carbon sinks-…  

Two communities from India bag the prestigious Equator Prize 2021

2021 Equator Prize awarded to 10 trailblazing Indigenous and local solutions for people and planet  

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