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Letter from Delhi

Leveraging Citizen Science and AI to Combat Air Pollution

UNDP Accelerator Lab’s innovative approach improves regulatory governance for combatting air pollution via Citizen Science and AI Algorithms during lockdown times.  

A 1000 springs replenish water bodies of Odisha’s indigenous communities

The 1000 Springs initiative in Odisha has helped rejuvenate natural springs, providing access to clean drinking water to Tribal communities.  

Women lead the way: from farm to market

In rural Uttar Pradesh, India women are leading agri supply chain models thereby enhancing income & breaking stereotypes.  

Devising Inclusive Business Models is vital to foster Sustainable Agriculture and Livelihoods in India

UNDP Accelerator Lab in India is working together with Spices Board India to develop India’s first blockchain platform for promoting export of Indian spices - a sector with an annual export value of…  

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