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One Among Nature: Protecting Our Ecosystems

let us pledge to preserve and protect our planet before it is too late - by Shoko Noda  

Choose to Challenge

Let us choose to challenge people, social norms, media that promote gender biases. - By Shoko Noda  

Women at the heart of recovery

India has an opportunity to build climate resilience and address gender equality issues - by Shoko Noda and Atul Bagai  

Learning to lead in times of crisis

Learning to lead in times of crisis - by Shoko Noda  

How One Project has Empowered a Million Women With Skills to Start Their Enterprises

Through the Disha Project — we have empowered one million women and strengthened women-led entrepreneurship - by Shoko Noda  

Embracing the New Normal

by Shoko Noda  

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