Strengthening systems
and institutions

In depth

UNDP provides assistance to governments at all levels, and especially at the local and district levels to include the Sustainable Development Goals in planning, budgeting, coordination and monitoring at all levels. UNDP will continue the highly effective modality of embedding strategic advisors within national and state institutions to develop and transfer critical capacities in policy analysis, programme management, implementation and monitoring through some of the leading development and social protection missions of the government.

Innovating for service delivery

UNDP recognizes that innovation is integral to every successful intervention. Technology can bring catalytic improvements in service delivery. The Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Networks (eVIN), funded by the GAVI Alliance, is a real-time vaccine logistic, cold chain and mobile-based management information system that is successfully running in 370 districts in 12 states. Immunization coverage indicators have improved and service delivery has become inclusive and accountable, with women and marginalized groups obtaining better access. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, other ministries and state authorities have requested UNDP assistance to expand eVin and systems strengthening, including digital innovation, into other national institutions, programmes and systems.

Similarly, UNDP works with the Department of Justice, the Government of India, to strengthen its institutional capacities and synergies among stakeholders for implementation of its seven-year strategy, which includes scaling up access to justice for women and marginalized groups, the e-courts initiative and provisions for legal aid.

Building partnerships

UNDP will continue to build on its trusted partnership with the government at the national and state levels. It will continue to partner with civil society to provide voice and inclusion in legislation, policy and programmes for marginalized groups and women. UNDP will also focus on system strengthening that integrates digital innovations for advancing the Sustainable Development Goals with the close involvement of the other agencies that form the UN family.

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