Manav Vikas: India Human Development Awards 2012

"There have been many gains but the human development approach is motivationally committed to concentrating on what remains undone – what demands most attention in the contemporary world – from poverty and deprivation to inequality and insecurity. "

Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen in the foreword of the 20th anniversary edition of the 2010 Human Development Report 'The Real Wealth of Nations: Pathways to Human Development.'

The first-ever India Human Development Awards 2012 instituted by the Planning Commission and UNDP recognizes excellence in human development reporting and analysis across the country.

India has pioneered the practice of preparing independent sub-national human development reports (HDRs) that translate the human development approach to practical and actionable strategies at state and district levels. Many of these reports have contributed to strengthening state policy debates, building awareness on human development and increasing budget allocations for the social sector.

The Manav Vikas India Human Development Awards celebrate achievements and importantly, encourage excellence in data, analysis and ideas; and advocacy for human development. The Awards are a reminder of the critical need to continue to focus on people as the centre of development processes.

The 2012 Awards focus on recognizing excellence in the preparation of district HDRs in four categories below. Across India, 44 district reports ranging from Nagaland in the East, Himachal Pradesh in the North and Tamil Nadu have been considered in the review process.

Excellence in the preparation of district level Human Development Reports is recognized in four categories:

manav-vikas-india-human-development-awards-2012/overviewPHOTO: IMRAN KOKILOO/UNDP INDIA
  • Participatory processes of preparation

  • Quality of analysis

  • Focus on gender and inclusion issues

  • Innovation in measurement

  • Award of excellence to a state that has been outstanding (overall) in the preparation of district HDRs

The Awards recognizing outstanding contributions across India's District Human Development Reports in 4 categories were announced on March 14, 2012 . The winners are:

  • Award for participatory processes of preparation: Khargone, Madhya Pradesh

  • Award for quality of analysis: Kottayam, Kerala

  • Award for focus on gender and inclusion issues: Malda, West Bengal

  • Award for focus on innovation in measurement: Udupi, Karnataka

In addition, West Bengal received an Award for Overall Excellence at State Level, Other finalists included: North 24 Parganas, West Bengal; Bijapur, Karnataka; Hooghly, West Bengal.

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