Inviting Applications for Youth Adda 2017

Jun 8, 2017

UNV India is excited to announce the Youth Adda, which we will be hosting in July 2017 in close partnership with Pravah, Restless Development, and Commutiny.

All young Indians are invited to join the adda and/or submit their creative ideas to raise awareness of the SDGs across the country harnessing the combined transformative potential of volunteering and technology. The theme for this edition of adda is SDG-10, “Reduced Inequalities”.

India is home to the biggest youth population in the world. While we have our own strategies and ideas on how to promote development through volunteerism, we want to listen to your ideas and your opinions for a fresh perspective.

So grab this opportunity to get your voice heard. Join our contest and express your brilliant ideas on how to reduce inequalities.

Eligibility Criteria

Theme: How volunteering and technology can contribute to reducing inequalities in India
Age: 15 to 29
Nationality: People living in India and Indian passport holders
Type of presentation: Video presentation
Please ensure that the content is clearly visible and audio quality is good. People who do not own a camera but have a microphone can record and hand in a PowerPoint presentation WITH audio. Here's how to record your voice.
Time limit: 10 min
Language: English
Other requirements:
1. The presenter is expected to clearly showcase his/her idea on how inequality can be reduced by using volunteers and/or technology. It is preferable to include both volunteering and technology in the presentation.
2. Answer the question, "How does the project implement the achievement of goal 10?" 
3. The purpose of the project should be clearly mentioned. 
4. The number of people involved in generating this idea.

The Rewards

Every entry will receive a certificate from UNV India, Pravah, Restless Development, and Commutiny.
The winner will also receive some funding to execute on his/her idea. (Note: For recipient of funding we ask that you provide an update to us after 3 months of the investment). The winner will also be featured on our social media, get the chance to become a speaker at UNV public events on the SDGs, and will receive a customized certificate, as well as selected UNV merchandise.

How to Apply

Head over to and upload your presentation. To see how WeTransfer works, click here.
Just enter within the “friend’s email” field and make sure to mention your name, age, current address, mobile number and email ID in the “message” field. Please do not forget this last step, as we will otherwise have trouble identifying the author of the presentation.

Important Dates

End of submission: 2 Aug
Announcement of Winners: 12 Aug (TBD)

Anything Else?

Try to be concise. 10 minutes is the upper limit. Experience shows that 3-5 minute videos are much more memorable than longer ones. Same goes for PowerPoint presentations. Fewer slides and less text on the slides will make your presentation more appealing.

For more information, please contact:

Hajime Miyazaki
Phone: +91-11 46532497