New Centre for Human Development can be a Powerful Platform to Further South-South Engagement on Human Development

Oct 29, 2013

Photo: UNDP India

New Delhi - “Ideas can be transported across countries,” says Ajay Chhibber, Director General for Independent Evaluation at the Planning Commission. “The International Centre for Human Development (IC4HD) can become a platform for south-south exchange and will allow countries to share examples of what has worked in other contexts,” he added.

Mr. Chhibber was speaking at a two-day workshop on strengthening human development measurement and analysis which brought together participants from 21 countries in the Asia-Pacific. The workshop which began today in New Delhi was organized by IC4HD and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). 

Speaking at the inauguration, Prof. Peter deSouza, Director, IC4HD, said, “The large, social transformation underway in Asia requires us to collectively reflect and analyze approaches to improve human development outcomes. IC4HD can provide an institutional home for analyses and policy making on human development.” 

The International Centre for Human Development (IC4HD) was established in 2013 as a partnership between the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, and UNDP. India has published the largest number of human development reports for its states and districts, in the world. The Planning Commission and UNDP have collaborated for over a decade in support of reporting for and planning for improved human development.

Noting India’s significant progress in preparing human development reports, Alexandra Solovieva, Deputy Country Director (Programmes), UNDP said, “Human development reporting needs to be accompanied by planning, budgeting and allocating of resources that can help improve human development indicators across the country.” 

The two day event brings together representatives from national governments, civil society organizations and academic institutions in the Asia Pacific to discuss the human development challenges in the region and strengthen the process of preparing the National Human Development Reports through sharing experiences across countries.

Over 700 regional, national and sub-national reports have been produced so far in over 140 countries. In the Asia-Pacific region 28 countries have prepared over 78 National Human Development Reports. These reports have emerged as   tools for policy analysis reflecting people's priorities, identifying inequities and measuring progress.

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