UNDP Project Wins Rajasthan Energy Conservation Award

Dec 31, 2010

A steel re-rolling mill in Jaipur has been awarded the Rajasthan Energy Conservation Award for the year 2009-2010. MPK Steel Private Limited is one of 25 mills that is part of the UNDP project to promote energy efficiency in steel re-rolling mills in India. The award has been instituted by the government of Rajasthan similar to the award instituted by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency at the National level.

In partnership with the Ministry of Steel, this project supported by UNDP aims to increase end use energy efficiency in the steel re-rolling sector thereby significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Steel production is an energy intensive process that generates roughly 0.25 tons of carbon dioxide and other pollutants annually. India’s 1200 odd steel re-rolling mills, many of them small scale are a critical link in the supply of steel and contribute more than 70 percent of non flat steel produced country wide.

Results from the project are encouraging. Environmentally viable energy efficient technologies have reduced coal consumption by 50 percent (110 to 60 kg per tonne of steel) and electricity consumption reduction by 33 percent (109 to 76 kWh per tonne of steel). For many steel mills where energy use accounts for up to 30 percent of overall production costs, the project demonstrates the possibilities of energy efficient technologies that can improve profitability while simultaneously ensuring environmentally sustainable growth in the industry.

The award is given by Government of Rajasthan annually to 25 units across different sectors for innovative energy conservation practices. Sectors include building, cement, petro-chemicals, rolling mills and mineral processing, etc.