UNDP Administrator Message on the United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation

Dec 19, 2010

To achieve the Millennium Development Goals, fight climate change, and tackle the global challenges  our  world faces, strong partnerships are needed.  In the 21st century development context, those  partnerships are very diverse – as is reflected in the rise of the emerging economies and the growing  importance of South-South cooperation. 

The strategies, policies, skills, and technical expertise which can be exchanged through South-South  cooperation are often those best suited to meeting development challenges faced in the South.  Facilitating South-South exchanges of experience and knowledge is central to the work of UNDP. This  is  part of my vision for ensuring that UNDP is truly a knowledge-based organization, which helps  develop  the capacities countries need to make the transformational change in development status they  seek.  South-South cooperation takes many different forms and UNDP will continue to be a loyal partner  in  facilitating such relationships. 

For example, through the International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth in Brasilia, a partnership with  the Government of Brazil, UNDP has facilitated efforts to make Latin American experiences with cash  transfers and social protection known to other regions. In India, we helped organize a conference which  shared practical experience from Latin America with Asian countries already undertaking or considering  such programmes. In Addis Ababa, we joined with the Government of Ethiopia and the International  Poverty Reduction Centre in Beijing to share experiences on poverty reduction. UNDP also hosts the  Special Unit for South-South Cooperation and fully supports its work.  

On this UN Day for South-South Cooperation, let all of us in the development community commit  ourselves to harnessing the potential of South-South cooperation to help bring about major  breakthroughs in development.