Sikkim Legislators Forum For HD Launched

Jul 31, 2010

Inaugurating the State Legislators’ Forum, Mr. Thakarpa said that the Legislative Forum for Human Development would play a vital role to help widen the debate on human development issues. “This Forum will be an ideal platform for members of the Assembly to discuss priority issues for the State through the human development lens”, the Speaker noted. Welcoming the UN support to the Forum, Mr. Thakarpa said the LFHD will not only provide a platform for discussion for Legislators but will also support research for MLAs on human development issues and concerns of the State and will contribute to a richer and better informed debate.

Addressing the Forum, Mr. Chamling said the Forum will be valuable in generating informed discussion amongst policy makers on key human development concerns for the state and would enable rapid progress on achieving the goals the State had set for itself. He said the Legislators, who are the representatives of the people, are in the ideal position to support the process of looking at development through the lens of human development which goes beyond the simple economic growth perspective.Congratulating the State Chief Minister, the Hon’ble Speaker and Members of the Orissa Legislative Assembly for their support to the State-level Forum that is designed to build greater awareness and ownership among legislators and lawmakers at the state level on the challenges of human development and the Millennium Development Goals, Dr. Olson said such Forums can play a vital and critical role to help caccelerate progress towards the globally agreed Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Dr. Olson observed that the Forum will help in the capacity building of Legislators on human development concepts and positively impact the day to day working of the Legislators in their constituencies. She expressed readiness of the UN in India to work with the Forum drawing on its experiences and technical expertise in the country and global best practices.“When we generally talk of ‘development’ we usually refer to economic growth, on the assumption that economic growth will ultimately benefit everyone. Human development goes beyond this view in terms of creating an environment in which people can develop their full potential and lead productive, creative lives that enable them to have wider choices. It is about investing in people and recognising that they are the real wealth of the nation. The Millennium Development Goals reinforce this approach to development”, Dr. Olson said.The eight Millennium Goals to reduce poverty and hunger, improve health and education, ensure genderequality and a sustainable environment were endorsed at the Millennium Summit in September 2000 by 189 World leaders.

In conclusion the Food and Agriculture Organisation Mr. Daniel Gustafson highlighted some of the challenges the state faces in spheres such as agriculture, horticulture and harnessing hydel power in the State and how these would contribute to generating productive livelihoods and alleviating poverty. This would in turn help the state achieve the Millennium Development Goals.The aim of the Forum is to create a space for Legislators to discuss people-centred development issues, those that are a priority for the State and the members agreed to an address key MDG related issues over the coming months. The Forum is also a platform to forge linkages between State Legislators and National Parliamentarians committed to taking the Human Development agenda forward. (ends).