New Web Portal to Increase Employment Chances for Workers of the Informal Sector

Oct 18, 2007

October 18, 2007: The new web portal has been launched in India. The portal offers and shares information on vocational courses, trades, and employment for young people of the informal employment sector, trainers, and employers. The portal is a joint effort of Government of India and United Nations Development Programme.
In India the formal education sector only reaches about 8 percent of the total work force. There is a shortage of skilled workers in industry sectors such as retail, construction and services, among others. These sectors are offering vast employment opportunities. Today it's crucial to strengthen the training system and enable young people to enhance their chances for employment. The portal gives people working in informal sector a unique opportunity to increase their employability by giving them access to information about trainings, but also by supporting them in upgrading their skills according to their current learning status. But the portal cannot only be accessed by trainees but also by trainers and serves as repository of information. It features about 50 trades and vocations and also works as a virtual platform for "employment exchange", providing employers with information about skilled and trained workers. This aims at narrowing the demand-supply gap of trained work force.

The development of this portal is a joint effort as part of the Government of India - UNDP project "Skills and Knowledge for Improved Livelihoods and Living Standards" (SKILLS). UNDP has been partnering with the Ministry of Science & Technology and Earth Sciences since 2001 to promote vocation training and training in skills development, targeting the informal sector.