Message from Lise Grande,United Nations Resident Coordinator And UNDP Resident Representative, India on United Nations Public Service Day

As the resident coordinator of the 27 United Nation's agency funds and programmes that are privileged to work in India, it is my honour to endorse the important contribution of Engineering Watch to the ongoing development efforts in India. On the occasion of the United Nations Public Service Day, I, on behalf of my colleagues and partners, take the opportunity to reiterate the immense value of public service, especially in a challenging develop context, such as is in India . Technology has played a transformational role in the past few decades as it certainly will in the coming years. Since the turn of the millennium, the world has seen the fastest reduction in poverty in human history - child death rates have fallen by more than 30%, deaths from malaria have fallen by more than a quarter. This unprecedented progress has been driven by a combination of economic growth, better policies and the global commitment to the millennium development goals; and technology has played a central role in each of these enormous achievements. Indeed, India's growth story is synonymous with innovations and technology. I salute the contributions of each one of you to this process of transformation in India. However, I think we can all agree that much more can and must be done to use technology in e-governance.

Firstly, to ensure that no one is left behind. Secondly, to ensure that development is sustainable. Thirdly, to ensure that more jobs are created for the poor. Fourthly, to ensure that institutions become more accountable to citizens, and fifthly, that the nations of the world are able to collaborate better for a shared future. Please allow me to congratulate the government of India, Engineering Watch and all partners present here today for leading this firm which has the potential to use technology to transform the lives of people. [Video: Ravi Pokharna]