Space and Presence: Women and the Media in India

Feb 4, 2014

Consultation on women and media in India provides inputs to the High Level Committee on the Status of Women, supported by UNDP 

In fewer professions have women made greater strides in India than in the media. Women-dominated newsrooms are no longer an unfamiliar sight. From writing on politics, foreign policy, economy and cricket, a surge of women have made a significant impact India’s media. Yet, questions of the representation of women in the media, their absence from senior management positions and the continued focus on men-centric news continue to be a challenge. These were some of the issues discussed at a two-day consultation that brought together some of the most powerful women in India’s media, policymakers and activists, to provide inputs to the High Level Committee on the Status of Women. Constituted in 2013, the Committee set up by the Government of India examines the status of women in contemporary India and assesses the impact of policy and legislation on women’s equality. The ‘Women and Media’ consultation was part of a series of consultations held since 2013 supported by the United Nations Development Programme.  


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