IC4HD 2013 Human Development Fellowships

Aug 1, 2013

Photo: UNDP Bangladesh, UNDP India, UNDP Pakistan

The IC4HD 2013 Human Development Fellowship is a three month residential fellowship at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla, India. Under the 2013 fellowship programme research on a well-defined aspect of human development under the theme of social security in the South is supported. Fellows must have relevant work experience of about 5-8 years, and be nationals of countries from the Asia-Pacific region. 

Six individuals from the Asia-Pacific region - 4 from Bhutan, 1 from Cambodia, 1 from Lao PDR – have been awarded the 2013 Human Development Fellowship. Highlights of the work they have proposed to undertake under the fellowship umbrella are the following. 

Ensuring social security for older people in Bhutan
Mr. Lham Dorji, who works for the Bhutan’s National Statistics Bureau, aims to explore within the policy context of the research in Gross National Happiness, social security policies and programmes for elderly citizens in Bhutan. 

Old age security in India, Nepal and Bhutan
Mr. Tshering Tashi, who works in the Ministry of Finance, Bhutan, will consider social security systems aimed to protect the elderly in a few South Asian countries.  

Social security in healthcare: A case study of Bhutan
Mr. Jayendra Sharma, who works for the Ministry of Health, Bhutan, aims to consider the importance of inclusive health care systems from a human development perspective. In particular, he will analyse the issue of out-of-pocket payments for health in Bhutan and its relevance to people’s lives. 

Social security measures for the youth in Bhutan: A situation analysis
Ms. Tshering Wangmo, who works in the Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Commission, aims to conduct a situational analysis of the availability of and access to social protection to the youth in Bhutan. 

Adaptive social protection could enhance human development in Cambodia
Mr. Kan Ponhrith, who works at the CORiN-Asia, aims to consider how an Adaptive Social Protection (ASP) Approach could enhance human development outcomes and enlarge people’s choices, especially in the plateau and coastal areas of Cambodia. 

Greater choices for people with disabilities in Lao PDR
Mr. Oudone Maniboung, who works for the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, aims to highlight the need to expand people with disabilities’ choices and how social security measures and policies have/can contribute/d to greater social and economic participation and inclusion of persons with disabilities in Lao PDR.

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