Stories of Change

  • Ad‘venturing’ into Volunteering

    With the changing times, the scope and definition of volunteering has expanded to cater to the varying needs of communities and volunteers. It may not always be in the garb of selfless service but can also be exciting and fun for volunteers while simultaneously working for the betterment of the community. For many years, adventure sports have provided the space to address this gap. India’s National Youth Policy 2014 stresses on the impact of sports, particularly adventure sports, in the development of youth. Activities like trekking, river rafting, mountaineering, etc. can bring young people together for their own as well as the community’s development.

  • Heading in the Right Direction: Career Counselling Programmes for Young Women

    Career Guidance Counselling Centres are motivating young women to secure careers that empower them.

  • Building Skills, Building Futures

    Short vocational training course in plastics engineering with assured placement for young women in Haryana, a state with one of the lowest female workforce participation rates in India

  • Shattering Myths on the Factory Floor

    Over a four-month period, 180 young women will be trained to work at a stainless steelplant in Haryana, a state where women’s workforce participation remains low. The skilling programme is a one-of-its kind public-private partnership that aims to equip young women with the skills and knowledge to enhance their employability and help them secure jobs in the steel industry.This pilot is part of a three-year collaboration between the IKEA Foundation, UNDP, Xyntéo, and the India Development Foundation.

  • India's Job Guarantee Act Emerging as a Ray of Hope in Global Meltdown

    With UNDP India’s support in implementing the job guarantee programme in Chhattisgarh, many affected by the global economic crisis, have become aware of the right to work under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) and how to avail this pioneering piece of legislation.

  • In Search of a Secure Future: Social Protection for People Living with HIV

    Thirty-five year old Harihar's life changed after he and his wife were tested HIV positive in 2007. His inability to work put severe financial pressure on his family. However, UNDP's support in extending social protection schemes to PLHIV, has helped people like Harihar secure a future for themselves and their families.

  • A Development Agenda for Transgenders in Maharashtra

    Maharashtra has become the second state in India to set up a welfare board and the first, to set up a cultural institute dedicated to the transgender community. The decision of the state government comes after a 2013 public consultation supported by the United Nations Development Programme which brought thousands of transgenders to interface directly with the Chief Minister and other government representatives to discuss the specific welfare needs of the transgender community.

  • Linking the Vulnerable: HIV/AIDS in Rural India

    The link worker scheme, a unique government scheme supported by UNDP is helping link rural populations vulnerable to HIV with local health services, and mobilize Panchayati Raj and other institutions to play a cohesive role in behavioural change.

  • India Election Diary 2014: Namibia’s Electoral Team Studies the Elections

    A seven member delegation from the Election Commission of Namibia visited Bangalore, Karnataka on 17 April 2014 to witness the country’s impressive election management. The visit was organized as part of a partnership between UNDP and ECI to further South-South cooperation on electoral management.

  • Functional Literacy – The Language of Empowerment

    By focusing on financial and legal literacy, UNDP has empowered poor and marginalized to strengthen their asset base, secure justice and expand the range of choices available to them.