Stories of Change


From ‘Slash and Burn’ to Sustainability: Farming Communities in North-eastern India Improve Soil Fertility and Earn Higher Incomes

UNDP, in partnership with the Government of Nagaland, is helping farmers practicing jhum cultivation in 70 villages in Nagaland grow healthier crops and earn better income by introducing sustainable land management practices. By slowing rates of soil erosion, these practices have also helped farmersmore


Knowledge for Action: United Nations Solution Exchange Receives Global Recognition

The United Nations flagship knowledge management initiative, Solution Exchange has received the eWorld Public Choice Award at the Second eWorld Forum in New Delhi on 15 June. The growing network of over 35,000 members has been recognized in the category of ‘Best Initiative for Localized Application/more


Functional Literacy – The Language of Empowerment

By focusing on financial and legal literacy, UNDP has empowered poor and marginalized to strengthen their asset base, secure justice and expand the range of choices available to them. 30 year old Rita Devi from Rampur village in Jaunpur district of eastern Uttar Pradesh is the mother of five young cmore


Sustainable Livelihoods for Tribal Communities

Twenty-five year old Gobardhan Munda’s income has doubled, he now has a bank account and a Kisan Credit Card. He grew up juggling several jobs to support his seven member family. Barely able to eke out a living from his small plot of land, he would work as daily wage earner, loading construction matmore


Partnering to Build Skills: Evaluation Report Says UNDP’s Support in Setting Up the Rajasthan Mission on Livelihoods has been Beneficial to the State

An evaluation of a project between the Government of Rajasthan and UNDP to support livelihood promotion strategies in Rajasthan has found it made a significant impact on marginalized communities through livelihood promotion and skill building initiatives undertaken. An evaluation of a project betweemore


Bridging India’s Inequality Divide

A first-ever study by UNDP reveals that significant inequalities across Indian states impact human development outcomes and that considerable gains are possible by reducing the extent of inequality in other dimensions of human development such as education and health. At the India release of the Glomore


Conserving Habitats; Protecting Livelihoods: A Women’s Group in Orissa, India Leads the Way

UNDP is partnering with the Orissa government to mobilize local communities to conserve natural resources through building sustainable ecosystem based livelihoods and social capital. “When communities themselves drive conservation efforts, they can positively impact coastal livelihoods and ensure thmore


Water in the Land of Extremes: Marwar’s People Find Solutions to Water Scarcity

UNDP project has reached out to water-scarce communities in 200 villages across Pali, Barmer and Jodhpur districts of Rajasthan to address the water-related vulnerabilities. More than seven million people rely on agriculture and animal husbandry in the Marwar region of the western Indian state of Ramore


China and India: Finding Common Ground

In a unique example of South-South cooperation, a high-level delegation from China visited India to explore synergies and understand how both countries can deliver employment commensurate to rapid growth.  To explore synergies and understand how both countries can deliver employment commensuramore


Building Skills, Eradicating Poverty: Participating in India's Growth Story

As India continues to record high growth rates, a partnership between the United Nations Development Programme and the Government of Rajasthan is helping equip the poorest and most marginalized with the skills necessary to participate in the country’s growth story. Set up in 2004 the Rajasthan Missimore

Promoting Financial Inclusion - Can the Constraints of Political Economy Be Overcome?

In collaboration with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the paper outlines the constraints and challenges of financial services; impact of government and regulator policies to promote financial inclusion; and product-specific challenges in enabling greater access to financial services.

Empowered People; Resilient Nation

The report highlights the emerging landscape in India and key development challenges that face the country. In doing so it aims to identify key areas that can contribute to transformational change that empower people and build an inclusive, climate-resilient, sustainable development paradigm for 2013-17 and beyond.

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