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Our PartnersIn partnership with the Government of Delhi and a number of civil society organizations, UNDP supported a first-ever night survey of the homeless in India's capital city of Delhi. For the first time, thousands that live on the streets, near places of work and worship, railways stations and on construction sites were identified. As a result, over 60,000 homeless were added to the National Population Register and hundreds were issued smart cards to access entitlements through this identification.

UNDP’s approach in India has been to develop and sustain strategic partnerships that find innovative solutions to address gaps on both the demand and supply side of development processes. Support for the MDGs puts partnership at the centre of all aspects of UNDP’s work. 

The Government of India and UNDP have a long history of close collaboration and the Department of Economic Affairs (DEA) is the nodal agency for the Country Programme Action Plan.

UNDP also has strong partnerships with a range of central ministries including:

At the sub-national level, UNDP has forged strong alliances with state governments and departments in the seven UNDAF states and beyond. We are grateful for this continued collaboration.

Engagement with civil society organizations is critical to bring the voices of the most marginalized and vulnerable of India’s population into policy discussions. UNDP has gained from close partnerships with approximately 200 CSOs in areas such as livelihoods promotions, women’s empowerment, environment and climate change, transgender issues and progress towards MDGs.

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