Stories of Change

  • Towards a Healthier Future

    Many households have begun to benefit from newly constructed toilets with bathrooms via a two-and-a-half-year partnership between the Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation, Government of India, the Government of Jharkhand and UNDP.

  • Protectors of the Forest: Communities Reverse Land Degradation in Madhya Pradesh

    A UNDP partnership with the Government of Madhya Pradesh, funded by Global Environment Facility has helped in restoring over 14,000 hectares of land, reducing soil erosion and raising the incomes of local communities by as much as 40 percent.

  • Easing Troubled Waters: Conserving the Gulf of Mannar’s Biodiversity

    UNDP has partnered with the Government of Tamil Nadu to demonstrate the possibilities of conserving the environment and encouraging sustainable development processes in the Gulf of Mannar.

  • Too Much or Too Little: Communities Adapt to Extreme Weather Conditions in Odisha

    A UNDP partnership with the government of Odisha supported by the Australian Agency for International Development is enabling communities in Puri district to adapt to extreme weather events.

  • Spreading Like Wild Fire: Forest Dwelling Communities Use Smokeless Cook Stoves

    Close to 2000 households in Karnataka, India are addressing climate change by installing smokeless stoves in their homes. It is reducing carbon dioxide emissions and firewood consumption, and improving the health of these forest dwelling communities

  • Green Harvest: Organic Farming along the Maharashtra Coastline

    System of Rice Intensification technology, introduced by UNDP and Government of Maharashtra, has affected an increase of rice yield per gram by nearly 40-80 percent while reducing the need for irrigation by up to 40 percent. The farming technology is also increasing family incomes from INR 20,000 to 70,000 per season.

  • Fishing for the Future: Fishermen on India's West Coast Lead the Way

    Fishermen along India’s western coast are now using square mesh nets and practicing sustainable marine fishing. It is earning them higher incomes, protecting marine biodiversity and paving the way for policy change in one of the country’s most important fishing coastlines.

  • 4,000 School Students Join the Launch of the Clean Beach Programme in Sindhudurg

    A ‘Clean Beach’ campaign launched by the Ministry of Environment and Forests; Department of Forests, Government of Maharashtra and UNDP draws thousands of school children to the beaches of the Sindhudurg coastline in western Maharashtra.

  • The Sun in the Kitchen

    The UNDP and Government of India partnership is providing support to institutions such as the RK Mission Home to encourage wider spread use of the technology which has proved immensely popular for in community cooking. Over the last two years, the rate of installation of solar concentrated heating systems has more than doubled. Over the next three years, the project aims to install 45,000 square metres of concentrated solar technology based systems across India saving 39,200 tonnes of CO2 emissions saving 3.15 million litres of fuel oil each year.

  • Ray of Hope

    SKF Technologies uses steam generated through this installation in the phosphating process of manufacturing seals, the fastest growing business division of the company in India. It allows the plant to replace thermal energy with solar, save on almost 12,000 litres of diesel each year or close to US$ 13,000 annually. In addition, it is also saving on CO2 emissions of 32 tonnes annually.