Sustainable Industrialization: Building Stakeholder Capacities and Involvement

What is the Project About

What is the Project AboutPhoto: UNDP India

The project, in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India, aims to influence industries to voluntarily improve their environmental performance, strengthen regulatory systems and increase community engagement in local industrialization processes.

What Have We Accomplished So Far

What Have We Accomplished So Far
  • Understanding of GHG emission profiles of key emitting sectors such as cement, fertilizer, thermal power plants, pulp, paper and the steel enabled through the publication of Challenge of the New Balance, a comprehensive assessment of the industrial impact on GHG emissions

  • Better monitoring of water quality, development of action plans for critically-polluted areas, compliance and monitoring of wastewater treatment plants, and analysis of trace metal pollutants 

  • Better understanding of industrial projects amongst a range of stakeholders through detailed analysis of 45 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports and greater awareness generation of relevant environmental issues at public hearings

  • Enabling a more informed understanding in civil society through training of different stakeholders on EIAs, environmental clearance process, mining and thermal power plants

  • Providing inputs to policy discussions on the rapid industrialization of the state of Chhattisgarh

Funding Support by

Donor Name Amount Contributed
United Nations Development Programme US$ 750,000

Expenditure in Previous Fiscal Years

Year Amount
2012 US$ 158,904
2011 US$ 130,000
2010 US$ 167,500
2009 US$ 88,169
2008 US$ 97,692