Improving Energy Efficiency in the Indian Railways System

What is the Project About

What is the Project AboutPhoto: Wong Mei Lin

In partnership with the Ministry of Railways, Government of India, funded by Global Environment Facility, the project supports efforts to improve energy efficiency in the Indian Railways, which accounts for roughly 2.5 percent of the total electricity consumption in India. The focus is on institutional capacity development, technical training, implementation of energy-efficient technologies and sharing knowledge on best practices.

What Have We Accomplished So far

  • Web portal ‘’ on energy efficiency management system was launched on 15 April 2014. The portal contains energy data for the Indian railways

  • Center of Excellence (COE) established at the Indian Railways Institute for Electrical Engineers (IRIEEN), Nasik to impart training to the Indian Railways staff on energy efficiency

  • Technology Information Resource and Facilitation Desk (TIRFAD) established at the Research Design & Standards Organization (RDSO), Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 

Looking to the Future

Looking to the Future
  • Introduce energy-saving technologies and measures in both traction and non-traction systems 

  • Strengthen institutional framework with the Indian Railways by setting up a centre of excellence in energy efficiency, a resources and services centre dedicated to the Indian Railways zones and other units

  • Create awareness among the Indian Railways staff and sensitize them on energy efficiency and propose appropriate energy-efficient technologies 

  • Establish energy efficiency benchmarks

  • Support significant savings both in energy consumption and reduction in GHG emissions

Funding Support by

Donor Name Amount Contributed
Global Environment Facility (GEF) US$ 5,200,000

Expenditure in Previous Fiscal Years

Year Amount
2015 US$ 1,777,156.82
2014 US$ 1,711,849
2013 US$ 44,199
2012 US$ 492,071
2011 NIL


Photo Essays

Energy Smart: The Indian Railways Powers Ahead

Energy Smart: The Indian Railways Powers Ahead
The Indian Railways, one of the world’s largest railway networks, is  adopting a range of energy efficient technologies that can support the vision of an environment-friendly rail network for India.


Showcasing Solutions in Energy Efficiency: Indian Railways Summit Supported by UNDP

Showcasing Solutions in Energy Efficiency: Indian Railways Summit Supported by UNDP 
An International Summit in New Delhi on 6 November brought together policymakers, experts from around the world and technology providers, to deliberate on energy efficiency strategies that can enable the Railways to build a sustainable future ahead. Participants discussed important advances being made in the design and delivery of technologies and solutions in railways sectors across the world. The Summit “Energy Efficient Technologies in the Railways” was organized by the Ministry of Railways, Government of India in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Institution of Railway Electrical Engineers. 

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