India’s Second National Communication to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

What is the Project About

What is the project about

As a party to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), India submitted its Initial National Communication in 2004. The project, with support from the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India, funded by Global Environment Facility, aims to support the preparation and submission of India’s Second National Communication (SNC) to UNFCCC. The SNC will focus on strengthening the capacities created during the early phase, and to take into account the changing national priorities and developmental needs.

What have We Accomplished So Far

  • Refinement of climate change impact assessment studies in water resources, agriculture and natural ecosystems 
  • Integrated assessments of Impacts, Vulnerability and Development of Adaptation Frameworks. As part of this, following activities were undertaken- 
    • Identified hotspots that will assess the climate change impacts on various integrated sectors and the associated physical and socio-economic vulnerabilities 
    • Themes such as integrated assessments of Water-Agriculture-Food Security-Livelihoods-Adaptation; Water-Agriculture-Human Health-Livelihoods-Adaptation; Forests- Forest products-Livelihoods-Adaptation; Vulnerabilities of energy systems and infrastructure due to the changing temperature and precipitation patterns have been undertaken with a mix of modeling and case studies 
  • Set up of institutional frameworks of coordinating agencies that will work on preparing the inventory of greenhouse gas emission and potential mitigation measures

Funding Support by

Donor Name Amount Contributed
Global Environment Facility (GEF) US$ 3,500,000

Expenditure in Previous Fiscal Years

Year Amount
2012 US$ 129,518
2011 US$ 277,318
Till 2010 US$ 3,006,905

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