Capacity Development Initiative: GEF Cell and SGP India

What is the Project About

What is the Project AboutPhoto: Tom Pietrasik/UNDP India

In partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India, the purpose of the project is to enable India to effectively access, utilize and monitor resources secured from the Global Environment Facility through strengthening institutional capacity of the special unit set up within the Ministry.

What Have We Accomplished So Far

What Have We Accomplished So FarPhoto: Tom Pietrasik/UNDP India
  • Completed and operationalized the GEF monitoring strategy

  • Identified 14 SGP projects for upscaling and replication in Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh

  • Enhanced technical and institutional capacities of project partners leading to the formation and/or strengthening of nearly 320 self-help groups

  • Strengthened capacities of communities and NGOs to leverage additional funds from other donors to upscale their activities

  • Trained communities to undertake nature-based enterprise management and operations linking markets for increased income and improved livelihoods

  • Enhanced capacities of local communities through knowledge-based workshops and training sessions

  • Introduced new and upgradable technologies in the project areas

Funding Support by

Donor Name Amount Contributed
United Nations Development Programme US$ 1,075,910


Expenditure in Previous Fiscal Years

Year Amount
2012 US$ 97,937
2011 US$ 131,000
2010 US$ 160,914
Till 2009 US$ 718, 353


The Green Kitchen Movement


Stories of Change

Spreading Like Wild Fire: Forest Dwelling Communities Use Smokeless Cook Stoves

Spreading Like Wild Fire: Forest Dwelling Communities Use Smokeless Cook Stoves
Close to 2000 households residing on the fringes of a national park in the South Indian state of Karnataka are addressing climate change by installing smokeless stoves in their homes. It is reducing Carbon dioxide emissions and firewood consumption, and improving the health of these forest dwelling communities.