Disaster Risk Reduction

What is the Project About

What is the project about

In partnership with the National Disaster Management Authority, the project aims to raise awareness and build resilience of the communities to disaster-related risks, and to strengthen the capacities of the state and district Disaster Management Authorities to better deal with disasters and post-disaster recovery efforts.

What Have We Accomplished So Far

What have we accomplished so far
  • Disaster Management Plans prepared/revised by governments for 20 states, 58 districts and 42 cities
  • State government institutions have better capacity to train government functionaries to effectively undertake risk reduction activities
  • Inputs to policy provided by the Solutions Exchange Disaster Management community on the 12th Five-Year Plan and state disaster management policies formulated in Karnataka, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh

  • Recovery guidance notes on nine sectors to be used by state governments to develop recovery strategies

  • National Institute of Disaster Management has prepared sector-specific training modules to facilitate trainings at national and state levels

  • The State Disaster Management Authority, Uttar Pradesh has established the State Disaster Management Training Institute to build capacity of various stakeholders in disaster management

  • Hazard Risk and Vulnerability Assessment is completed in Andhra Pradesh, Punjab (Jalandhar), four districts of Sikkim and Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Jalpaiguri in West Bengal

Funding Support by

Donor Name Amount Contributed
United Nations Development Programme US$ 9,579,279

Expenditure in Previous Fiscal Years

Year Amount
2012 US$ 1,047,807
2011 US$ 1,227,527
Project Overview
Project Start Date:
Estimated End Date:
Geographic Coverage:
Select districts in 19 states
Focus Area:
Crisis Prevention and Recovery
Goal 1- Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
Goal 7- Ensure environmental sustainability
Project Officer:
G. Padmanabhan
National Disaster Management Authority, Government of India; 19 state governments
  • Close to two percent of India’s GDP is eroded by disasters
  • DRR Programme (2009-12) aims to implement timely, sustainable and locally relevant recovery activities in post-disaster scenarios
  • Disaster Management Plans prepared/revised by governments for 20 states, 58 districts and 42 cities
  • Capacities of state government institutions strengthened
  • Inputs to policy provided by Solutions Exchange Disaster Management community on 12th Five-Year Plan
  • Recovery guidance notes prepared on nine sectors
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