Disaster Risk Reduction

Photo: Jay Mandal/UNDP India
  • Enhancing Institutional and Community Resilience to Disasters and Climate Change (2013 - 2017)Enhancing Institutional and Community Resilience to Disasters and Climate Change (2013 - 2017)The project ‘Enhancing Institutional and Community Resilience and Climate Change’ will support efforts to strengthen capacities of government, communities and institutions to accelerate implementation of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation plans.

  • Climate Change Adaptation (2011-2014)Climate Change Adaptation (2011-2014)The project, in partnership with the Australian Agency for International Development, aims to address a crucial dimension of vulnerabilities by supporting specific activities to enhance climate change induced risk management capacities (adaptation, disaster mitigation and risk reduction) in districts across flood-prone areas of Odisha and drought-prone areas of Madhya Pradesh.

  • Kosi Flood Recovery and Reconstruction (2009-2011)Kosi Flood Recovery and Reconstruction (2009-2011)The 2008 Kosi floods affected three million people in Bihar, one of India’s poorest states. In partnership with the government of Bihar, this project supported recovery processes in the aftermath of the floods, including settlement and habitat planning to reduce disaster risk. An owner-driven reconstruction pilot has since been upscaled across flood-affected districts in the state.

  • Disaster Risk Reduction (2009-2012)Disaster Risk Reduction (2009-2012)In partnership with the National Disaster Management Authority, the project aims to raise awareness and build resilience of the communities to disaster-related risks, and to strengthen the capacities of the state and district Disaster Management Authorities to better deal with disasters and post-disaster recovery efforts.

  • Urban Risk Reduction (2009-2012)Urban Risk Reduction (2009-2012)In partnership with the Ministry of Home Affairs, the project aims to strengthen capacities of institutions and other stakeholders such as municipal officers, planners, NGOs, etc to manage risks in 56 cities across the country.


UNDP’s Disaster Risk Reduction Programme supports the vision of India’s 11th Five-Year Plan to work towards ensuring that the “most vulnerable, including women and girls and government at all levels have enhanced abilities to prepare, respond, adapt to and recover from sudden and slow-on-set disasters and environmental changes.”