Biodiversity Conservation Through Community-Based Natural Resource Management

What is the Project About

What is the Project About

The project supports efforts to make national and state-level policies more responsive to the strong linkages between rural livelihoods and biodiversity conservation in Arunachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Odisha.

What Have We Accomplished So Far

What Have We Accomplished So Far
  • Set up/strengthened decentralized people’s institutions to sustainably manage natural resources

  • Traditional knowledge on biological resources preserved through documentation of value and use of biological resources in 122 villages

  • About 327 plant species in the Community Conserved Areas documented through ethno-botanical surveys

  • Baseline mapping of natural resources and biodiversity surveys have enabled a better understanding of biodiversity conservation needs in Arunachal Pradesh and Chhattisgarh

  • One hundred hectares of cane plant is now protected from over-extraction in Khurda and Sambalpur–South divisions in Orissa

  • Improved biodiversity through in-situ and ex-situ conservation measures 

  • Legal action against legal felling and trade in timber through strengthening of forest protection squads

  • Six hundred tribal farmers benefited from micro-water harvesting structures in three forest divisions

  • Habitats of rare plants regenerated through soil and moisture conservation activities

  • Forty-five tribal SHGs benefited from livelihood support provided by integrating agro-forestry, pisiculture, poultry and goatry

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United Nations Development Programme

Expenditure in Previous Fiscal Year


US$ 564,692

Stories of Change

In Eye of the Forest: Conserving Biodiversity, Building Sustainable Futures

In Eye of the Forest: Conserving Biodiversity, Building Sustainable Futures
Recognizing the close communion between communities and natural resources, UNDP is supporting several initiatives in Chhattisgarh to help communities conserve traditional knowledge, build awareness on conservation-friendly gathering practices and help people, particularly women access the market to sell their produce.

The Biodiversity Challenge - Supporting India’s Ecosystems

The Biodiversity Challenge - Supporting India’s Ecosystems
Recognising India’s rich biodiversity, the United Nations Development Programme is supporting several initiatives to conserve the country’s rich and diverse ecosystems and demonstrate strategies to reduce poverty.

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