Achieving Reduction in GHG Emissions through Advanced Energy Efficiency Technology in Electric Motors

What is the Project About

What is the Project AboutPhoto: NFTDC

The ability to effectively address acute electricity shortages in India will depend critically on the increased efficiency of electrical appliances. Supported by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, funded by Global Environment Facility, this project aims to demonstrate greater energy efficiency in one key energy intensive sector – electrical motors.

What Have We Accomplished So Far

What Have We Accomplished So Far
  • Die-casting of rotors for external parties, including rotors for textile application motors, has led to an improvement in efficiency from 78 percent with aluminum to almost 80 percent with copper

  • Enabling Technology Centre has been set up at NFTDC, Hyderabad- A 50-ton and 250-ton vertical die-casting machines to produce copper motor rotors of varying diameters and capacity of motors ranging from 0.5 to 37.5 horsepower. This is acting as a demonstration-cum-pilot centre to enable motor manufacturers to understand the technology first-hand and seek technology transfers

  • Successful trials have been conducted on the laminations supplied for the rotors for agriculture pump sets, ceiling fan motors and electric vehicle motors

  • Technology transfer agreements of the CMR technology signed with two motor manufacturers in Vadodara and Coimbatore, one primarily producing agricultural pump sets and the other producing general purpose motors

Who Finances It

Global Environment Facility

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