• IYV+10 India Campaign

    IYV+10 provided an opportunity to renew enthusiasm and a platform for national constituencies and stakeholders to come together for planning the future role of volunteerism in India.

  • National Consultation on Youth Volunteerism

    A national consultation on youth volunteerism was organized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (MoYAS), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) on 12 November. The consultation focused on a Plan of Action for implementing the draft National Youth Policy (2013) and a National Youth Volunteer Programme for India, keeping in view the 12th Five-Year Plan and the recommendations of the post-2015 development agenda.

  • International Volunteer Day 2013

    The United Nations Volunteers Programme in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports is organising an event to mark International Volunteers Day 2013. The event will recognize volunteerism and pay special tribute to the contribution of youth volunteers.

  • Chitrakaar and United Nations Volunteers (UNV) Webinar Series: Conversation with The Change Makers on the Spirit of Volunteerism

  • International Year of Volunteers: 10th Anniversary 2011

  • UNV Launches its Flagship Publication on Volunteerism on International Volunteers Day

    UNV launched its flagship publication on Volunteerism, ‘Volunteering in India: Contexts, Perspectives and Discourses’ for promoting the value addition that volunteers bring to national development priorities. The publication presents the viewpoints and experiences of eminent people and volunteers from different disciplines on the ethos, tradition and diversity of volunteering in the Indian Context.

  • United Nations Volunteers continues to support My Earth My Duty

    United Nations Volunteers continues to support ‘My Earth My Duty' of Zee News Ltd – a pan-India campaign instigating youth action on imperative issues of human induced climate change. Since its launch in 2010, it has been supported by over 50 million youth volunteers in almost all the headquarters in 34 cities and 1.2 lac villages across India. The campaign enters its third year in July 2012, with a series of ground events followed by a nationwide plantation drive starting Aug 15-21, 2012. With India completing 65 years of Independence this year, the initiative will urge the citizens to fight for their independence from global warming, thus encouraging a patriotic fervor.

  • The Peace Gong-the Children's Newspaper

    A special issue of “The Peace Gong-the children’s newspaper” based on the four objectives of IYV+10 —recognition, facilitation, networking and promotion of Volunteerism—has been initiated by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore Foundation in association with UNV India and Anant Vikas Trust. The aim of this issue is to capture the voices of children across the world on VOLUNTEERING to facilitate efforts by children for a peaceful world. In view of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) targets, IYV+ 10 offers an opportunity to celebrate but also to assess the progress made towards achieving the objectives of IYV.

  • The Teach India campaign

    The “Teach India” campaign was a social initiative by the Times of India in partnership with the Times Foundation and United Nations Volunteers, which invited the general public, corporate employees and students to volunteer towards teaching underprivileged children who have been denied the right to education. The aim of the campaign was to provide a platform for members of society who, irrespective of their personal and professional standing, felt a strong desire to give back to society and to participate in building a nation based on solidarity and justice, and in order to fight discrimination and marginalization. The campaign will be carried out in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. UNV India is supporting the “Teach India” campaign with its technical expertise in volunteer management and in planning development projects.

  • Volunteering to make Orissa Green 23 July 2009, Bhubaneswar

    The ‘Green Orissa’ Campaign was launched in Orissa in July amidst boundless enthusiasm, hope and promise to make the state green through volunteering efforts. The campaign, launched in a Bhubaneswar-based government girl’s high school, promotes tree plantation as a first step to meeting the challenges posed by climate change.

UNV Strategic Framework: 2014 - 2017



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