Ready Reckoner on Microfinance

31 Dec 2010


The Microfinance Community is working to provide solutions to the day to day challenges faced by in providing finacial services to the poor, thereby helping attain the Govermrnt of India's poverty reduction targets.

The growth of Microfinance sector has been rapid in the past decade and several innovations have been emerging every now and then posing challenges to the players to develop new attractive and competitive products. In this context, the NGOs/MFIs/SHG Federations and other microfinance institutions working at the grassroots level desire to have an update on the information pertaining to national level organizations, donors and experts/consultants working in the field of microfinance as well as experiences of various microfinance players showcasing their best practices under the sector. Similarly, the UN Agencies, Donors and wholesale Microfinance institutions too require inputs related to the MFIs working in different regions and states about the innovative experiments initiated, the products and services provided, the tools and technologies used, the delivery mechanism and the program outreach. Likewise the Academic, Research and Management institutions working on microfinance sector need access to technical papers, articles, case studies and relevant documents    on the latest developments in Microfinance. This Ready Reckoner is an attempt to fulfill majority of the above mentioned requirements of different stakeholders and actors in this sector by presenting the details in a classified and systematic manner for easy retrieval.

The information given in the Ready Reckoner is mainly drawn from the Consolidated Replies of Microfinance Community of Practice. A Consolidated Reply is the final output of any query or e‐discussion undertaken by Microfinance Community of Practice, Solution Exchange. These knowledge products (CRs) are disseminated through electronic media to the members of the community. Each CR include details of organizations, experts, communities/networks, Tools and Technologies, relevant documents, portals, information bases, etc. that came across during the debate by the members on a particular query. The CRs, from which the information were sourced for this Ready Reckoner is Appended at the end of this book.

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