Consultation on Conceptualizing Inclusive Growth

25 Oct 2011


The report summarizes the two-day international workshop on ‘Conceptualizing Inclusive Growth’ aimed at arriving at a conceptual understanding of inclusive growth and the key determinants of an inclusive growth framework that can guide countries, development agencies and communities in the coming years.

The inadequacy of current theoretical frameworks to support analytical work on inclusive growth and the lack of clarity on the policy options for inclusive growth indicate the huge gap in both theoretical and policy work that needs to be urgently addressed. The Government of India is currently engaged with countries in the Global South in addressing persistently excluded groups would be pertinent at formulating the 12th Five Year Plan which has a thrust on faster and more inclusive growth. The experience this stage. UNDP in its role as ‘knowledge broker’ can facilitate the exchange of such evidence with national governments. The growing policy space for the concept of inclusive growth in the Global South and opportunities for its application in diverse country contexts necessitates a fuller discussion among these countries. The BASICS countries have a shared understanding of inclusive growth and have been experimenting with common approaches such as cash transfers and large scale employment programmes. The concept of inclusive growth appears as a common thread in these countries’ national development strategies, in so far as social inclusion is not dismissed as a compensatory measure or as a mere add-on, but is considered as both its driving force and its principal goal. They have also been actively sharing experiences on policies and programmes that contribute to inclusive growth, including at the consultation organized by IPC-IG for IBSA in 2010. In continuation of this ongoing dialogue a two day international workshop on Conceptualizing Inclusive Growth was held during 24-25 October, 2011 in New Delhi.

The main objectives of the workshop were as follows:

  • To build a shared understanding on the concept of inclusive growth and the theoretical foundations that enable the formulation of effective inclusive growth strategies
  • To share experiences across the Global South on policies and responses that effectively address inclusive growth, especially issues of persistent exclusion
  • To arrive at a core set of policy actions for various stakeholders to promote growth that is genuinely inclusive

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