Millenium Development Goals

  • Accelerating Equitable Achievements of the MDGs: Closing Gaps in Health and Nutrition OutcomesThis is part of a series of Asia-Pacific MDG reports produced since 2004 by the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific/Asian Development Bank/United Nations Development Programme (ESCAP/ADB/UNDP) regional partnership to support the achievement of the MDGs. Employing a now-familiar system of colour-coded ‘traffic light’ charts, the reports have tracked progress on each indicator – signalling which countries and subregions are on- or off-track to meet each of the goals.

  • An International Assessment - What will it take to achieve the MDGs by 2015?Employment-intensive growth is critical for rapid poverty reduction because labour is often the greatest asset owned by the poor.

  • Asia-Pacific MDG Report 2014/2015 Asia-Pacific MDG Report 2014/2015The report Making It Happen assesses the state of progress on the Millennium Development Goals in Asia and the Pacific, and considers how we can move towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Fast FactsFast FactsIn September 2000, 189 world leaders met at the UN and endorsed the Millennium Declaration, a commitment to work together to build a safer, more prosperous and equitable world. The Declaration was translated into a roadmap setting out eight time-bound and measurable goals to be reached by 2015, known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

  • India Situational Analysis 2011 Empowered People: Resilient NationThe financial and economic crisis of 2008 has cast its shadow on the world economy and sharpened the dichotomy between the growth path of the advanced economies on the one hand and the emerging economies on the other.

Millenium Development Goals

UNDP works with the Planning Commission, Government of India, state governments and civil society networks to help India achieve the MDGs. As the Indian government embarks on formulating the 12th Five-Year Plan aimed at achieving faster, sustainable and inclusive growth, UNDP India has shared the MDG Acceleration Framework (MAF) which was ratified as a potential framework for prioritizing action towards achieving the MDGs.