How Inclusive has Growth Been During 1993/94-2009/10? - Part-II: State-Level Analysis

12 Mar 2013

By Sukhadeo Thorat and Amaresh Dubey

The study, by Sukhadeo Thorat and Amaresh Dubey, examines changes in the incidence of poverty and its relationship to consumption expenditure growth at the state-level since economic reforms were launched in 1991.

In Part I of the paper, How Inclusive has Growth Been During 1993/94-2009/10?1, the analysis has been at the aggregate all-India level with disaggregation by place of residence (rural and urban), economic group of the households, and social as well as religious group of the households in the two sectors. In this second part of the paper, we extend the analysis to the level of Indian states and examine the changes in poverty in relation to growth between 1993/94 and 2009/10.