Aajeevika - Livelihoods in Rajasthan: Status, Constraints and Strategies for Sustainable Change

31 Dec 2004


The state of Rajasthan, located in the northwestern region of India, occupies eleven per cent of total land area in the country. Livelihood is an oft-used term with many different connotations. Based on extensive fieldwork carried out in four development blocks in the State, the study reviews the chief livelihood strategies and the main livelihood sectors in the region. In particular, it analyses livelihood options before the poorest sections of the rural community and provides a set of recommendations for promoting sustainable livelihood options across the state.

The study attempts to understand how rural livelihoods are changing and diversifying in rural Rajasthan and what factors determine access to new and productive livelihood opportunities for different sections of the rural population, especially the poor. Apart from reviewing the chief livelihood strategies and identifying the main livelihood sectors, the study focuses especially on livelihood options before the poorest sections of the rural community, as it explores various measures that can facilitate the rural poor in achieving successful sustainable livelihoods.

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