Directory of Service Providers of Gasifier Based Systems (Technology and Manufacturing)

28 Feb 2011
Technological Cooperation and Climate Change


The development and dissemination of modern biomass gasifiers in India began in the early 1980s. During this period, a number of research institutions commenced efforts to examine different aspects of the use of biomass gasifiers as well as to develop indigenous gasifiers and gasifier-based energy systems. The Department of Non-conventional Energy Sources, which was converted into a full-fledged Ministry, known as the Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources in 1992, and renamed as Ministry of New and Renewable Energy in 2006, launched its first initiative under the Biomass Gasifiers Programme in 1987. The initiative was extended to provide an impetus to biomass gasification efforts in the country. This initiative resulted in the development of over a 1,000 gasifiers in the field. An evaluation conducted in 1993 indicated that not many were functional and had severe limitations. These examples of transfer of technology from research institutions to manufacturers, however, provided invaluable lessons.

Gasifier development and dissemination was also supported by other bilateral and multilateral agencies for utilization in a range of industries for thermal applications across the country. The report profiles those agencies whose technologies have been recognized by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. It includes key agencies involved in various stages of the supply chain of biomass gasification for thermal and electrical end-uses such as research and development, manufacturing, marketing, operation and maintenance.

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