Access to Clean Energy; Ministry of Power UNDP Access to Energy - Enhancing Effectiveness in Electricity Distribution and End-users

31 Dec 2010
access to clean


This report provides an overview of the joint Ministry of Power-UNDP project that seeks to improve access to clean energy & demonstrate mechanisms to manage more effectively, energy and electricity at district levels in Chhattisgarh & Orissa.

The total CO2 emissions from India are estimated to be about 1342 million tonnes (HDR 2007/08) that accounts for about 4.6% of the world’s emissions. The projections indicate that India’s CO2 share is expected to increase to about 6% by the year 2030 to maintain its current rate of economic growth. However, the per capita CO2 emission is only 1.2 tonnes per year (reference year 2005) compared to the world average of 4.5 tonnes per year. The major contributors of CO2 emissions are power stations (21%), industrial processing (17%), transportation fuels (14%), agriculture by products (12.5%), fossil fuels retrieval, processing and distribution (11%), residential, commercial and other sources (10%), land use and biomass burning (10%), and waste disposal and treatment (3%).

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