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Cover image for Sun Focus Sun Focus April 13, 2016
Cover image for BioPower India BioPower India March 25, 2016
  • Sun FocusThis is a quarterly magazine on concentrated solar heat, (CSH) which is being published through a partnership between the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, UNDP, and the Global Environment Facility. The aim of SUN FOCUS is to present technical and economic analyses of CSH technology and to share the experiences of users.

  • BioPower IndiaIssued every quarter, this newsletter provides a range of information relating to the biomass energy sector including how to tap rural markets, barriers to scalability and the outlook for global renewables.

  • Climate Change Community Update‘Community Update’ provides members with periodic news and information about the activities, resources, events (past and forthcoming), opportunities for sharing between members of the CoP. All members can contribute to the Update. It also contains queries and discussions which have been concluded, consolidated replies issued and invites members to respond to ongoing discussions in the community.

  • Implementing Energy Efficiency in Buildings: A compendium of Experiences from Across the World

  • Socio-Economic and Ecological Impact Study of Sustainable Land and Ecosystem Management in Shifting Cultivation Areas of NagalandA biodiversity project in Nagaland is improving the productivity and fertility of the jhumland and fallow areas. The increased productivity has spiked sales of products and the incremented farmer income substantially. The study also highlights how women in Nagaland have been empowered through the project.


UNDP is committed to promoting low carbon, climate resilient and inclusive development. We support the Government of India in meeting national development objectives along with commitments under important multilateral environment agreements. Key areas of intervention are climate change (mitigation and adaptation), sustainable natural resource management (conserving biodiversity and addressing land degradation) and integrated chemical management (phasing out of ozone depleting substances and reducing persistent organic pollutants).