Social Sector Service Delivery Resource Book Good Practices

31 Dec 2009


Published by the Planning Commission, Government of India and UNDP, the report outlines thirty-four good practices in service delivery taken by state governments, and articulates the challenges of effective implementation and delivery of public services.

Planning in India has been concerned as much with the problems of implementation and the innovative solutions that practical administrators have worked out to them as with the allocation of resources and the design of programmes and schemes. The mechanisms for innovative and effi cient delivery of public service are exceedingly important in ensuring that the Eleventh Plan vision of inclusive growth is made a reality.

Numerous innovations are being tried out by States all across the country, and one of the major objectives of the Planning Commission is to ensure that the details of these innovations and experiments are exchanged amongst the entire community of development practitioners all over the country. In order to help achieve this objective, Planning Commission and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) had, in 2002 jointly brought out a compendium of Successful Governance Initiatives and Best Practices. This was well received by the States who expressed a desire for another similar publication. Accordingly, under the Strengthening of State Plans for Human Development Project, Planning Commission and UNDP commissioned PRAYAS, Pune to prepare a Compendium of Good Practices adopted by the State Governments.

Under the guidance of a specially constituted Project Advisory Committee and based on inputs provided by experts, PRAYAS has prepared this Resource Book after extensive discussions at the State headquarters and at the fi eld level. An attempt has been made to identify and articulate core issues and challenges in the effective implementation and delivery of public services. The Resource Book covers 34 Good Practices from various regions of the country, highlighting their replicability and limitations. Its canvas includes diverse themes relating to health, rural development, public distribution, water and sanitation, education, disaster management, etc.

I hope the Resource Book will be a valuable input for all levels of the Government, administrators, development practitioners and researchers.

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