Democratic Governance

  • District Human Development Report, Malda

    Human development is about people, about expanding their choices and enchancing thir seeks to unhold opportunities for the people,particularly those living at the bottom,to live a decent,healty and fulfilling life.

  • Enhancing Leadership Qualities Among Elected Women representatives

    The training manual aims to build leadership skills among elected women representatives to enable them to participate in local governance effectively. It covers issues like gender sensitization, personality development, improving communication skills and confidence building.

  • Equity Unaddressed: A Civil Society Response to the Draft Approach Paper-12th Five Year Plan

    The publication is a compilation of responses from civil society organisations to the Draft Approach Paper to the 12th Five-Year Plan.It presents a detailed critique of the Approach Paper in areas such as education, gender, youth development, land issues, water and sanitation, among others.

  • From Reservation to Participation

    To ensure increased reservation of women in local governance institutions translates into more effective participation, the report highlights the importance of training and presents successful strategies based on experience from 10 states to mobilize and build capacities of women.

  • Gender and Governance

    The publication of these papers by the UNDP India Human Development Resource Centre (HDRC) reflects the recognition of the mutual interdependence of processes of gendered governance and human development.