Towards a Disaster Resilient Community in Gujarat

31 Aug 2007


The programme aims to contribute to the social and economic development goals of the national and state governments, enabling them to minimize losses to development gains and to reduce their vulnerability to natural disasters. Urban Earthquake Vulnerability Reduction Project (UEVRP), a sub-component of the drm programme, essentially aims at strengthening capacities of communities, urban local bodies and administration in mitigation, preparedness and response in 38 cities in india.

After the devastating earthquake in Gujarat (2001), UNDP supported the State Government to establish the Transition Recovery Approach. At the heart of this approach was the idea that communities should play a central role in managing and reducing the risks that future disasters may bring. Through this initiative the Government brought communities into decision making process like – setting-up viable hazard shelters, recovering livelihoods, and developing local preparedness plans, as well as amending legislation and policies. This publication will take you through the role that communities played in the disaster risk management. In Gujarat, the communities were at the centre of disaster risk management. The publication documents the “good practices” developed under the Disaster Risk Management programme in Gujarat and how communities participated in State and local planning to prepare and respond to a range of hazards. With new disaster management mechanisms in place, the Government and communities were able to respond immediately. People trained in emergency life support rescued and saved lives in marooned villages. Meanwhile, village teams and district administrators coordinated their efforts and quickly supplied food, medicine, and water to people in need.

Gujarat state was one of the forerunners for implementing the DRM Programme in partnership with Government of Gujarat. A number of programme components, though satisfactorily implemented over the initial years, need to be taken forward more precisely in context of Gujarat’s disaster risk reduction scenarios. In order to take the roots deeper, as one phase of having the community and administrators sensitized and learnt the alphabets of DRM, now need to exclaim the second phase of practicing internationalization process of DRM.

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