Status Report on Standardization Efforts in The Area Of Mitigation Of Natural Hazards

31 Dec 2008


To mitigate damage to human life from natural hazards such as earthquakes, the Bureau of Indian Standards proposed a range of national standards for the construction industry. The report highlights the status of these efforts in design and construction of earthquake resistant structures.

India is one of the most disaster prone countries, vulnerable to almost all natural and man made disasters. About 85% area is vulnerable to one or multiple disasters and about 57% area is in high seismic zone including the capital of the country. Disaster prevention involves engineering intervention in buildings and structures to make them strong enough to withstand the impact of natural hazards or to impose restrictions on land use so that the exposure of the society to the hazard situation is avoided or minimized.

Bureau of Indian Standards has rendered invaluable service by producing large number of national standards, which are of direct relevance to the construction industry and some of them particular to the mitigation of disasters. A brief report of the status of standardization efforts by BIS through various technical committees in the area of mitigation of natural hazards is given underneath.

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