Mainstreaming Disability in Disaster Management- A Toolkit

31 Jan 2008


The inequality that people with disability experience in society is worsened during disasters. There is no recognition of the specific needs of the disabled. This toolkit provides a detailed approach for disability inclusive and sensitive disaster management processes.


The toolkit does not replace manuals available but promotes an understanding of the main issues and concerns from the perspective of Persons with Disabilities in the context of disasters. It attempts to provide an understanding on which proper integration and mainstreaming can be carried out.

The comprehensive toolkit provides a step by step approach for the inclusion of disability in disaster management.

1. It provides the user with a resource to help plan in mainstreaming disability in disaster management

2. A guidance note, which summarizes the mainstreaming needs and enables users to understand them from the perspective of a Person with Disability.

3 A guidance on the most appropriate methodology to be adopted for including disability in the disaster management process, to monitor and evaluate it; a good practice scenario and a road map.

4. A checklist for use and FAQs are provided in the last section. Section wise essential readings and a reference, which refers specifically to the issue, has been provided to give the background and deeper understanding. Most of these are accessible through the Internet. At the end of the document additional references are provided. This section refers to the most important writings, handbooks and guidelines available. As very few resources have been developed on the subject, generic material has been included.


Intended users of the Toolkit are Policy makers, Government officials, Members of Panchayati Raj Institutions, NGOs, DPOs and DM practitioners as well as for organisations working on disability.

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