Disaster Preparedness - Colouring Activity Book on Flood & Landslide

31 Dec 2007

An informative booklet for children that creatively illustrates ways to prepare for natural disasters such as floods and landslides.

In many devastating natural disasters, we have often heard and seen disturbing visuals and reports of children being victims of damage and destruction. The lives of our tender young ones are very valuable to us. They do need our care and protection to be safe from all harm and danger. To talk about those special needs of our younger children, GoI-UNDP Disaster Risk Management Programme decided to develop a creative yet informative booklet that would narrate simple steps for being prepared. The idea to have adopted “Appu“ the elephant, a mascot of the 1982 Asian Games as a cartoon character for the booklet, was felt amongst all project team members to be appealing and loveable by our younger ones. Initially the booklet was designed to be used as a Colouring Activity Book titled “Disaster Preparedness”, mainly talking about lessons and safety tips for earthquake and fire. The booklet was conceptualized in 2005 by from Ranjith (then Project officer) and designed by the artist, Xavier Jackson. The original form of the booklet was published by the Disaster Mitigation and Management Center (DMMC), Government of Uttarakhand. The colouring activity booklet is being very well used to communicate with the younger children about natural hazards and how to be safe from them. With its successful feedbacks and acceptability the booklet was translated into regional languages by the programme state nodal agencies in Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Guajarati and Oriya for wider usage under the Disaster Risk Management Programme.

As a sequel to the colouring booklet, in 2007 it was proposed to prepare an animation film with additional series on natural hazards safety lessons for floods, cyclone, landslide and tsunami. The film is anchored by beloved elephant, “Dost Appu' who amusingly and wittily instructs children with easy to follow steps and actions for being prepared and safe. The film is scripted in English and Hindi. To campaign for disaster preparedness activities among children, the film is aided with an illustrative booklet. The steps for being aware and prepared are described in easy to read rhyming words. The actions to be followed are comically sketched out for children to have fun while colouring and learning about Natural Hazards.

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