Compedium on Disaster Risk Management- Booklet for Legislators (Hindi)

31 Dec 2007


Against the backdrop of the Disaster Management Act 2005, this publication highlights the role of government, community and other stakeholders in disaster management and government capacity to deal with emergencies.

The GoI-UNDP Disaster Risk Management Programme (2002-2009) was implemented in 17 states, 176 districts and 38 cities across India with support from elected representatives. The involvement of local-self government institutions in programme states has formed an integral part of the programme’s institutional implementing mechanism. The Primer is meant to be a booklet for reference with consolidated information in context to India’s paradigm shift in Disaster Risk Management. In each of these sections summarized portions extracted from relevant documents has outlined basic terminologies related to Disaster Risk Management, prevalent national and international frameworks, concepts of approaches to community based disaster management and the role of Local Self Government. This booklet was prepared keeping in mind the audience from the State Government Legislative Forum, and their vital role to adopt a holistic and proactive approach toward managing disasters. As disaster risk reduction looks at the linkages of relief, early recovery and rehabilitation with community and development planning process, it is through State Governments Legislator forum, that further advocacy could shape out relevant aspects that would streamline disaster risk reduction with the national and state development policies of India.

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