Disaster Risk Reduction

  • An Earthquake Preparedness GuideAn Earthquake Preparedness GuideAn earthquake preparedness guide to ensure structural safety and information on actions to be taken before, during or after an earthquake.

  • Appropriate Technologies - Sustainable Livelihoods: Lessons for Disaster Resilient Construction in OdishaAppropriate Technologies - Sustainable Livelihoods: Lessons for Disaster Resilient Construction in OdishaThis publication outlines results from a UNDP partnership with the Government of Odisha, supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and Care Today that demonstrated how low-cost, disaster-resilient building technologies enabled communities to build structures that could better withstand natural disasters. The report provides guidelines for communities and governments in addressing the housing needs of the most vulnerable in the society.

  • Building PRI capacities for Disaster Preparedness and ManagementBuilding PRI capacities for Disaster Preparedness and ManagementThe report captures the multiple dimensions of community-based disaster preparedness, and the roles and responsibilities of local self-government institutions in disaster management.

  • Building a New Techno-Legal Regime for Safer IndiaBuilding a New Techno-Legal Regime for Safer IndiaTo avoid damage to buildings in an earthquake due to faulty design and construction practices, a committee was constituted by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. The publication provides recommendations by this committee, which include modifications to the existing Town and Country Planning Act, putting in place land use zoning regulations, and bye-laws for adoption by state governments and union territories.

  • Compedium on Disaster Risk Management- Booklet for Legislators (Hindi) Against the backdrop of the Disaster Management Act 2005, this publication highlights the role of government, community and other stakeholders in disaster management and government capacity to deal with emergencies.


UNDP's Disaster Risk Reduction Programme supports the vision of India’s 11th Five-Year Plan to work towards ensuring that the "most vulnerable, including women and girls and government at all levels have enhanced abilities to prepare, respond, adapt to and recover from sudden and slow-on-set disasters and environmental changes."