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‘Everything has turned upside down’ in Sangole

Villages in Sangole taluka of Maharashtra’s Solapur district are brimming with stories of how the old cyclical pattern of good rainfall and dry spells has been broken – and why and with what impact.  

'Today we seek those fish in Discovery Channel'

Kadal Osai, a community radio of and for fisherfolk on Pamban island of Tamil Nadu’s Ramanathapuram district, turns three this week. And it's making waves – with climate change as its latest focus  

‘Why is the climate changing like this?’

Coffee and pepper farmers in Wayanad, Kerala, are reeling under losses caused by a rise in temperatures and erratic rainfall in a district whose residents once boasted of its ‘air-conditioned climate’…  

'Perhaps we made the mountain god angry'

Nomadic Changpa pastoralists at the high grazing grounds of Ladakh find their yak-related economy in a crisis that is driven by major climatic shifts in their fragile mountainous ecosystems.  

Climbing high

Promoting Adventure Tourism as Sustainable Livelihood for Uttarakhand’s Youth  

Buffaloed by the climate in Kolhapur

Human-wildlife conflict is escalating in Radhanagari, Kolhapur, where the gaur buffalo are raiding nearby farms. This is spurred by deforestation, cropping changes, drought and fluctuating weather…  

It’s raining sand in Rayalaseema

Crop pattern changes, waning forest cover, an explosion of borewells, the death of a river, and more – have produced dramatic effects on land, air, water, forests and climate in Andhra Pradesh’s…  

Biodiversity and Food: The Millet Sisters

The International Day for Biological Diversity on 22 May 2019 focuses on biodiversity as the foundation for our food and health. These are stories of some of India's biodiversity champions, recognised…  

Pahal: Prakriti Hunar Lokvidya - A Compendium of Rural Housing Typologies

As the Government of India aims to improve the quality of rural housing through the flagship Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana – Gramin, this study analyses a host of housing typologies from across the…  

Protecting the Rights of Forest-dwelling Communities: Compendium of Judgements on the Forest Rights Act

The publication, produced by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs and UNDP, is a compilation of various court rulings, including the Supreme Court of India and High Courts of several states, that have…  

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