Voices of the Marginalized

  • Hijras/Transgender  in India: HIV, Human Rights And Social ExclusionHijras/Transgender in India: HIV, Human Rights And Social ExclusionDec 31, 2010
    The brief summarizes various issues faced by the Hijra and the transgender women community, and highlights the close links between this exclusion and vulnerability to HIV and other health risks. The document also outlines a range of recommendations to address other forms of exclusion faced by the community.

  • Voices from the FieldDec 31, 2010
    The aim of the study is to reflect the voices of the women leaders and understand their financial world and their perspectives on financial inclusion. Their role as leaders within this framework was also investigated. It further aimed to understand the ‘other side,’ that is, the views of bankers about the community-level women leaders in microfinance and their relation to the formal world of the banks. The study also sought to carry the issues and challenges through these voices to policymakers and bring to table possibilities of innovative methods of financially including the poor.

  • Women’s Empowerment, HIV and the MDGs: Hearing the Voices of HIV Positive WomenWomen’s Empowerment, HIV and the MDGs: Hearing the Voices of HIV Positive WomenDec 31, 2010
    The document captures voices of women living with HIV on two critical Millennium Development Goals-MDG 3 (Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women) and MDG 6 (Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases). In addition, the report serves as a useful guide to identify focus areas to accelerate progress towards achieving MDGs 3 and 6 by 2015.