Sharing Good Practice

Latest Publications

  • Access to Clean EnergyAccess to Clean EnergyThis publication presents case studies from across the country that illustrate the utilization of renewable energy sources with a wide range of applications across various sectors.

  • From Reservation to ParticipationFrom Reservation to ParticipationTo ensure increased reservation of women in local governance institutions translates into more effective participation, the report highlights the importance of training and presents successful strategies based on experience from 10 states to mobilize and build capacities of women.

  • Good Practices in GENDER MAINSTREAMING Case Studies from IndiaGood Practices in GENDER MAINSTREAMING Case Studies from IndiaThe resource book collates a series of innovative initiatives undertaken by states/civil/ women groups to address discrimination and gender inequalities to facilitate experience sharing, mutual learning and replication in other parts of the country.

  • Innovative Approaches in Creating LivelihoodsA report on cost-effective innovative interventions undertaken by state governments and non-government agencies across the country to build sustainable livelihoods.

  • Low Carbon LifestylesLow Carbon LifestylesA brief guide to cost-effective climate friendly choices we can make in the use of electrical appliances, transport, paper, water, etc.