Gender and Inclusion

  • Gender and Governance

    The publication of these papers by the UNDP India Human Development Resource Centre (HDRC) reflects the recognition of the mutual interdependence of processes of gendered governance and human development.

  • Gendering Human Development Indices: Recasting the Gender Development Index and the Gender Empowerment Measure for India

    The report ranks states and union territories in India in gender development and empowerment through calculation of Gender Development Index and Gender Empowerment Measure to reveal gender-based disparities that can be used by policymakers and analysts.

  • Good Practices in Gender Mainstreaming Case Studies from India

    The resource book collates a series of innovative initiatives undertaken by states/civil/ women groups to address discrimination and gender inequalities to facilitate experience sharing, mutual learning and replication in other parts of the country.

  • Hijras/Transgender in India: HIV, Human Rights And Social Exclusion

    The brief summarizes various issues faced by the Hijra and the transgender women community, and highlights the close links between this exclusion and vulnerability to HIV and other health risks. The document also outlines a range of recommendations to address other forms of exclusion faced by the community.

  • Macroeconomics and Gender

    This collection of essays by some of the best known academics and practitioners in the fields of economics, women’s studies and development, examine a wide range of areas in which women’s studies has made crucial contributions.