Outcome Evaluation of Energy and Environment and Poverty Reduction

31 Dec 2011


UNDP conducts outcome evaluations to capture and demonstrate evaluative evidence of UNDP’s contributions to development results at the country level as articulated in the country programme document.

The purpose of the outcome evaluation is to:

  • Provide substantive direction to the formulation of programme and project strategies 

  • Support greater UNDP accountability to national stakeholders and partners in India

  • Serve as a means of quality assurance for UNDP interventions at the country level; and

  • Contribute to learning at corporate, regional and country levels.

The outcome evaluation has -

  • Reviewed the programmes and projects with a view to understand their relevance and contribution for lesson learning, and recommending corrections that may be required for enhancing effectiveness of UNDP’s development assistance;

  • Reviewed the status of the outcome and the key factors that have affected (both positively and negatively, contributing and constraining) the outcome;

  • Assessed the extent to which UNDP outputs and implementation arrangements have been effective for strengthened linkages between the two outcomes (the nature and extent of the contribution of key partners and the role and effectiveness of partnership strategies in the outcome);

  • Provided recommendations for future country programme in the two outcomes of the Poverty Reduction and Environment Portfolio and particularly for better linkages between them.

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